ronnie - small.jpgMission Statement:

I will foster lifelong learning through collaboration and professional development. I will be open to new and unique ideas and look carefully at opinions that are different from my own. I will collaborate within the teams and groups that I join, and attempt to learn through other’s ideas and experiences. I will share my discoveries with my students, coworkers, and stakeholders. Always trying to have fun, and continuously explore and teach using creativity and curiosity.


  • Connect: I will make connections and communicate via social platforms both in person and online, with the primary intent of sharing or gathering information that will benefit myself and my students.

  • Converse: Daily (if possible), through peer and student communication to find new resources and develop new connections. I will and continuously plan and review as much new information as possible to improve my lesson plans, teaching style, and student iteration.

  • Contribute: I will positively contribute to conversations within different networks to help establish my connections. My aim is to be supportive of stakeholders that take the time to comment by responding to their questions, comments, and personal ideas.

  • Request: I will constantly search for new information from peers and experts that pertains to my content areas. My aim is to search for materials both inside and outside my local networks that will support my students needs.

My Resume: Download Here