I would address a wide range of skills and abilities in my classroom by differentiating my core instruction in order to meet the needs of all my students. My first step would be to observe and assess students in diverse learning situations to ascertain an accurate and achievable level of differentiation. I would have students work independently, in pairs or small groups, and in a whole group instruction so that I may judge their abilities. I will also take into account past performance data and collaborate with other instructors, facility professionals, and support staff in order to accurately assess all student needs.

In the classroom, I would ask questions and seek background knowledge about what the students are interested in so I can integrate that into my future lessons and activities. If a student holds a personal interest in a specific topic or activity they are more likely to want to learn more about it, thus they become more actively engaged. I would also encourage my students to ask questions, participate in discussions and group activities, so that they are not only learning from me but from others as well as themselves. I believe that all students have the capacity to learn, no matter their skills or abilities. It is my job to find the proper level of instruction that can give them the greatest opportunity for success.