Finding the benchmarks found within the Core Standards when lesson planning is key. This forms the foundation of any effective lesson plan. Building in pre-assessments to accurately gage student understanding, background knowledge, and educational level is essential. Knowing the special needs, diversity, and language proficiency of the class and adjusting plans to accommodate them is vital. Expectations of school administration will also help develop a successful lesson plan.

What four (4) key components do you believe you must include in your plan?

Objectives and goals. What, specifically, will students to be able to do (or know) after the lesson? This is the end result or purpose of the lesson.

Content. What subject, idea, concept, etc. will be taught? This is the overriding theme of the lesson.

Methods. How will the lesson be taught? This is a detailed outline of the teaching methods, including activities, content, and strategies.

Assessment. What tools will be used to measure student understanding, a quiz, an activity, an exercise, a paper? This will be used to know whether the objectives and goals were met.